Coding Dojo Brno

The local coding dojo community in Brno, Czech Republic

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We meet every Thursday, from 17:30 to 19:00 at:

FI MU, Botanicka 68a
Room S505 - Red Hat Open Source lab
5th floor, CERIT Science Park

About us

We are an open community of computer programming enthusiasts, including professional programmers and students.

We believe that learning computer programming is a continuous process that involves deliberate practice and gradually pushing ourselves into mastering new skills.

There are also important social skills involved, like team work and communication.

In a coding dojo meeting, we work as a self-organized group to learn and share knowledge by following certain principles and practices. For example:

We also keep everybody in the loop, making the environment inclusive and welcoming for people with all sorts of background. It is a collaborative community, not a competition.

All that happens while we solve computer programming exercises (called “katas”) in a programming language of our choice.

Join us to improve your coding skills, meet new people, learn more about automated testing and TDD and to share your knowledge with the community.